Berliner Escape Life Quest Game Review

You’ve just graduated from high school and are going to embark in your own Life Quest! What course do you wish to choose, and what type of career do you need to plan for? A CEO or a fashion designer possibly? Opt for the career course of your dreams and make your mark on town. Purchase a house, find the love of your life, begin a family and be the envy of your high school buddies at your reunion celebration!

Berliner escape game is a life and livelihood simulation game which takes you from the moment you graduate from high school until you arrive at the pinnacle of your career. The subject resembles the best selling The Sims series, in addition to casual games like My Life Story. You select a career course and begin earning money so that you are able to cover the bills, purchase the luxury things of your own dreams, and boost your abilities and high quality of life.

Life Quest starts in the high school graduation service. Your school principal tells the course which you could be whatever you need to be, and also your livelihood and life will rely on the things you do and the decisions that you make. Feeling positive, you proceed to the town to get things started, but everything you’ve got is a tiny cramped rental flat along with the clothing on your back. Fortunately for you, your sister is about to show you the principles and help you make your choices as you get ready to select the best experience of your lifetime.

The general purpose of the game is to attain the pinnacle of success in your career, home and loved ones. Your decisions on the path that you choose to attain that objective are almost infinite. It’s possible to select a career in several industries, such as education, automotive, fashion and fitness centers to mention only a couple. You’ll need to determine whether you would like to purchase or lease a house. You’ll also have to reevaluate how you wish to improve yourself to be able to be effective and get better jobs.

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